How do I sign up for a Parent and Me group?
Please click on Sign Up and complete the on-line enrollment form. After the form is received, your group leader will contact you with the day and meeting time of your group. At this time you will need to make payment of $350 to BabySpace by check or cash in order to secure your place.

When do groups meet?
Parent and Me groups meet on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Note, Parent and Me groups are composed based on the age of your baby. We contact parents with a specific group or class time after they have completed an enrollment form on-line.

What is the cost?
Parent and Me Group:
$350 for package of 10 groups
Second/Third-time Parent and Me group:
$350 for package of 10 groups
Parent Only group:
$200 for package of 4 groups
In-home and Phone consultation:
$150 per hour

Are Parent and Me group deposits and/or fees refundable?
Due to limited space in our groups, we regret that no refunds can be issued unless cancellation notice is given 30 days prior to the start of the first session at which time $150 will be refunded.

Who can attend the Parent and Me groups?
We ask that one parent attend consistently with their baby. However, if another parent needs or would like to attend the group, it can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

What is your sick policy?
All babies and adults need to be 24-hour fever free with any mucous running clear in order to attend a group. In addition, if you think your child is contagious with any other symptoms we ask that you please keep your child home. We reserve the right to ask you to leave the group if we think that you or your child could be contagious. Should they have child-care arranged, parents are welcome to attend the class without their child.

Are there make-up groups?
Unfortunately there are no make-up groups or classes. If a parent misses a class, we will provide them with any handouts from the lecture.

What can I bring into the group room?
To maintain cleanliness and hygiene, our group room is shoe free. Parents must wear socks. Additionally, no food other than formula or breast milk is allowed in the group room. You may bring snacks to eat in the lobby area.

Can I attend a group session if I plan to return to work?
Absolutely. We encourage parents to attend groups for as long as they can. We realize that many parents return to work and may only be able to attend for a few sessions. We believe that you and your baby will benefit even if attending for a short time.