As a child development specialist and mother, founder Caren Gitlin, L.C.S.W. understands that becoming a new parent is an exciting, joyful and yet overwhelming time when parents often feel unsure and alone in their new role. Her goal is to help ease the transition to parenthood by empowering mothers and fathers to build confidence in themselves and their parenting style through respectful dialogue, guidance and shared experiences. At BabySpace parents and babies thrive within a supportive Parent and Me community.

Raising children in today’s information age can further heighten parental anxiety. New parents often turn to internet resources, parenting books, pediatricians, family and friends for help. Caren knows firsthand the difficulty of sorting through vast and often contradictory information. BabySpace will help new parents gain clarity through the exchange of ideas and discussion of relevant topics in a harmonious group setting.

Weekly Parent and Me groups at BabySpace provide new parents a designated time to connect one-on-one with their new babies and other new parents. BabySpace also offers Second/Third-time Parent and Me groups and In-home and Phone Consultation. Please visit Services for more information.